Monday, March 2, 2009

Entertainment Websites

The Most popular and Best Quality Entertainment Websites
Over the years that I spent browsing the Internet, I have come across many website that are related to entertainment. Whether it's music, movies, theater, sports, or TV, I have visited a large number of them as I'm sure many people have. It goes without saying that some sites are better than others. Listed below are descriptions of the website that I think are the best in quality and content. Some of these sites are more popular than others. Enjoy and feel free to mention any that I miss.

1. Internet Movie Database( - Internet Movie Database is without a doubt one of the most reliable and comprehensive sources on the web. IMDB provides detailed biographical information on basically any actor who ever appeared either in a film or on TV. In addition, most of the films and TV shows that those actors appeared are give the same treatment. One of the best features of IMDB is that they provide links to further information on the films, TV Shows, actors, etc under the heading of "miscellaneous". Sometimes there may not be that many 'miscellaneous' links available if it's a more obscure actor or film. However, IMDB has always been the starting point for me when trying to find out different facts about TV Shows, films, soundtracks, production teams, and actors.

2. Television Without Pity ( Television Without Pity (or TWP) is a great place for viewers to voice their opinions on different topics related to their favorite (or least favorite) current TV shows. TWP provides numerous forums, which one must be registered on to make a comment. Even if you prefer not to comment, it's worth registering just read what others have to say. Not to mention, extremely funny.

3. Jump the Shark ( Jump the shark is another funny website that relies on users input to determine when TV shows started or start to go down the tubes. The term 'jump the shark' of course is a reference to the "Happy Days" episode where Fonzie did just that. Jump the Shark gives a wide range of view points. From a show never jumping to it jumped in the first episode, all opinions are shared and given consideration.

4. Jango ( Jango allows it's registered users to create radio stations with their own play-lists for free. There are an abundance of artists and genres to choose from and it can't be overstated enough that it's all FREE. Jango is extremely easy to register for and to use. It is highly recommended!

5. Web Radio ( Web Radio provides user with the ability find radio stations that are available to be listened to on the web. Searching can be done either by using the call letters of a station, programming format, the state or country of the stations origin, or if it's exclusively available online. Web radio also offers it's own toolbar to users to download for free.

6. Bad Cinema Diary ( Bad Cinema Diary is exclusively dedicated to those films that are so bad, they're good. Alphabetical entries of many great bad films are provided as well as special interest pages dedicated to film genres such as 'women in prison', 'documentaries and short films', 'serial films', and 'the films of Ed Wood. Bad Cinema Diary also has an excellent links page featuring websites where many of the discussed movies can be purchased.

7. TVparty! ( Tvparty features great articles and clips that are focused on TV of the past. Among the featured content are "Local and National TV Kids Shows" (From the 1950's through the 1980's), "Sitcom Houses", "TV Movie of the Week", "Lost Fall Previews Clips from the 1960's and 1970's, "Celebrity Commercials", and many other topics of special interest. All of the features are incredibly detailed and well researched.

8. Playbill ( Playbill gives comprehensive news, updates, and articles about currently running Broadway and Off-Broadway shows and plays. It also provides information on shows and plays that are currently being performed in London, on tour, and regionally. Links to obtaining tickets for performances are also provided.

9. Gawker ( Gawker is the east coast's version of TMZ. Like TMZ, Gawker provides media news and gossip on those who are famous.

10. Musicals 101 ( Musicals 101 is "the cyber encyclopedia of musicals". Movie Musicals and TV Musicals are covered as well as stage productions. A great website to visit if you're interested in learning about the vast history of musical theatre.

11. S.I. Vault ( S.I. vault is a free database of every article ever published in Sports Illustrated Magazine. In case you are wondering, that covers every year from 1954 to the present. A great research tool for all sports fans and scholars.

12. Deadspin ( Deadspin is blog dedicated to covering sports from a fans perspective. It is uncensored and often extremely critical of sports figures. Recommended for those who are not easily offended.

13. Entertainment Weekly ( EW is the online companion to the magazine Entertainment Weekly. It features up to date information on actors, singers, films, TV shows, and everything else entertainment related.

14. Ep Guides ( Ep Guides contains complete title and original air-date information on over 3900 TV shows. While this site does not contain episode descriptions, most listing contain a link to view further details.

15. ( features TV news, show listings, and up to date news on shows of all genres. Users are able to select their favorite shows and episodes.

16. IN2TV ( IN2TV allows views to watch full length episodes of both current and classic TV shows. Many of these shows are available completely free and without any form of registration.

17. Silent Film Source ( Silent Film Source provides links to articles on silent films and those who stared in them. They also offer films for sale in 16MM and 35MM format, as well as DVD. Also, included are TV listing for upcoming airings of silent films.

18. Zap2it ( Zap2it includes news, upcoming television air-dates, and forums about TV and Films.

19. Stubhub ( Stubhub allows ticket buyers to legally sell their tickets online. Various sporting events, concerts, and theatre events are among those available.

20. TV Shows on DVD ( TV Shows on DVD gives the latest and most reliable information on TV shows that either have been or are scheduled for DVD release in the future.

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